Refund Policy

Orders/Return Policy
The nature of our business includes the inclusion of “information / data”, which makes it a little difficult to offer any refund or accept returns when “information data” is delivered. We request all our customers to carefully read all the available information about the report and discuss it thoroughly with the sales representatives before placing an order. With the order “Information / Data”, the user expressly agrees to the above mention refund terms. No refund requests shall be entertained once the information has been delivered by Swift Market Research and received by the customer; however, Swift Market Research shall offer all the necessary clarifications and justifications, in case of questions related to data estimations. The final reports shall include the information as displayed in the table of contents on the website or as discussed during the email conversations (in case of custom requirements). The user of the research assumes sole responsibility for the use of research material to get the desired results. In case of any queries related to the report coverage, you can directly reach us at and one of our Research Specialists will be available to assist you.